Visual Reference Points For Omalas

Hi  there.  The  beautiful  city  which  forms  the  title  of  my  novella,  the  city  of  Omalas,  is  a  big,  grand  place,  and  I  wanted  it  to  have  a  certain  feel.  In  my  mind’s  eye  it  appeared  to  me  as  something  a  bit  like  the  city  of  Naboo  in  Star  Wars,  and  also  Rome.  These  pics  below  made  great  visual  reference  points  when  editing  my  first  draft,  as  I  realised  I  needed  to  describe  the city  in  greater  detail  to  help  my  readers  envisage  it.








These  images  get  across  the  kind  of  vastness  and  majesty  I  want  my  city  to  be  endowed  with.  Omalas  is  an  ancient,  beautiful  city  which  houses  an  old,  old  secret  within  its  bowels — I’m  still  working  on  editing  the  first  draft  but  I  hope  soon  to  get  a  sample  chapter  up  on  here.  I  look  forward  to  you  reading  it,  future  fans!


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  1. Nice, cant wait to read it! this is a great idea also for helping you get your preferred reading of a place across to your readers, its not one that I have done so much but you have inspired me to try this out for my project too.

    I would like to reblog your post as I think other writers might benefit from reading it if thats ok with you?

  2. Yes please, that would be very nice of you. Thank you for your kind words on my blog post.

  3. Reblogged this on The Book of Ascension Blog and commented:
    Just a quick share here guys, great post that I will take a leaf from and start doing here on the book of ascension blog, i think it’s a great way of setting your readers on the right track and helping them to see your vision of what your writing about!

  4. Those are lovely! Love the creation of books and the images in your mind’s eye that accompany it. I read a short story recently and your city actually reminded me quite a bit of it (not just because of the name) If you want some good imagery I suggest reading the short story the ones who walk away from omelas.
    Good Luck with everything!!

  5. Omg I’m so excited you know this story. I came across it in one of my Philosophy textbooks while I was at university and it made me cry. My story is based on it, without being a flagrant rip-off. I’ve also spelled the name of the city differently. Thanks for looking!

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